Phase Change Material -
an innovation for storing latent heat

When heat is stored, e.g. in a hot water tank or in a tiled stove, it usually involves large temperature changes of several tens of degrees C. The temperature of the storage medium increases (blue line) when heat is stored in it. This form of thermal storage is thus also called storage of sensible heat.

Actual information about PCM

What ist new in the matter of PCM?  

Quality Association PCM / RAL Quality Mark

With the increasing commercial relevance of this technology, quality assurance has become a more and more important issue too. This is why several internationally active enterprises founded the Quality Association PCM in 2004 to develop proper quality assurance procedures.

Members of the Quality Association and successfully completed projects

The companies allied in the Quality Association offer various products and systems, and have successfully completed projects using their phase changing materials. You will find a first overview of the performance and applications on this web page - the contents of the members´ sections are continuously updated.

Selected publications and respective calculation software for heating and air-conditioning technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Bernd Glück has developed simulation programmes for various HVAC problems. Apart from simulation programmes for geothermal systems he has also developed calculation software for simulating the storage characteristics of PCM in structures and surfaces.

For a current collection of his calculation software, please use the following link: